Tracey and Alan’s magical project!

Now when it comes to buying in Spain, many people think they are going to get real bargains: a 3 bed villa in the country, maybe a little guest ‘casita’, a pool, great views, and near the coast – for 100,000 Euros!  Unfortunately such properties are rare to find, if they ever existed, and the reality is that whilst property is far cheaper than in central and Northern Europe, it is still Europe and you get value for money, but not that cheap!

But it is still possible to find a bargain and if you have imagination, determination and vision, things are possible!  Take Tracey and Alan.  Currently living on the other side of the world and aiming to save around 30,000 Euros per annum for each property they buy here, they have just placed a deposit on a small village house requiring some work at the top of the beautiful village of Canillas de Aceituno.  The day I showed them the house for the second time, the local builder I had called in, to quote on the work they wanted to do in the house, invited us to try this year’s local wine, made by himself.  We sipped the delicious wine at the top of the village, looking out over the sunset, the twinkling lights of the villages below, with the clearest view of the African mountains across the sea that I have ever seen from the village.  It was magical!  And magic is what this couple have set out to achieve on a low budget.  Over time they hope to have a small portfolio of similar properties: little village houses to let to couples looking to ‘get away’ for a few days and ‘de-stress’, each house exquisitely decorated and furnished, and each with an intimate roof terrace with a Jacuzzi spa to enjoy the magic of the location.  One place per year, and they will have themselves, I have no doubt, a sparkling little business and a smart investment for their future.

Wishing Tracey and Alan the very best of luck on their new project : punters – please form an orderly queue to book one of their cottages! And here is that little place, now renovated and open for business! Contact Tracey and Alan if you wish to book a stay! (We can send you their direct contact details).

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