Granada area guide


The province of Granada borders that of Malaga both to the North, inland, and to the East, on the Eastern coastline.

We cover two areas:

PONIENTE GRANADINO: the area to the North of Malaga province, from the town of Loja to Granada city itself.

Of particular interest are the towns of :

Alhama de Granada: a lovely, very old fashioned, totally unspoilt spa town, with a fascinating historic centre known as the Arab Quarters, and a huge gorge dropping down to the river below, scattered here and there with old, crumbling water mills.  Alhama also has a fabulous spa centre just outside town where everyone can enjoy the natural spa waters that bubble out of the ground at a constant 42 degrees.

– Villages around the Alhama area that are worth considering are: Santa Cruz del Comercio (10 mins to Alhama), Játar (15 mins), Arenas del Rey (15 mins), Bermejales (15 mins), Jayena (20-25 mins), Fornes (20 mins) and Cacin (20 mins).

Lake Bermejales is a wonder to behold!!  A totally beautiful, unspoilt and serene lake (a man made reservoir) with its own beaches, camp site, and some lovely restaurants around the lake.  The mountains stand guard over these peaceful, calm waters, reflecting perfectly in its mirror-like surface. Rivers flow around this area all year round and salmon are a common sight.  Near-lake villages are Bermejales and Fornes.

COSTA TROPICAL: the beautiful and lush tropical coastline just beyond Nerja, as far as the more industrial town of Motril.  The excellent climate gives this area its name and the most outstanding towns are Almuñecar, a large and very vibrant Spanish seaside town, and La Herradura (The Horseshoe), a beautiful little town around a natural horse-shoe bay.  Also outstanding is Marina del Este, just to the East of La Herradura, with its lovely harbour and sophisticated restaurants.